Program Management

Enterprise-level program development, implementation, execution and management can be incredibly costly and resource taxing. At Agile Technology Consulting, we provide end-to-end solutions for clients in need of program development and program management. We utilize ISO 9001:2008 as the base for all of our processes regarding program management.

Your project must be planned to achieve more than just its basic objectives. A host of other considerations exists here. We understand how to attain the goals you need from both the project perspective, as well as from an evolving viewpoint of how those objectives, needs and requirements will change over time and through growth.
Project ManagementWe begin with a full consultation on your business processes, and ensure that the program will meet your specific requirements, tailoring it to organizational needs. Additionally, we bridge the gap left by traditional project management methods, which are all too often insufficient for large-scale programs that involve multiple departments, specialties and managers.

Agile Technology Consulting Inc can spearhead any size program, from smaller initiatives to organization-wide deployments. Our expertise involves managing and monitoring parallel projects that work in tandem to create the specified results of the overall program, as well.

We can provide a full range of essential program management offerings, as well, including business process automation, quality assurance, risk management, acquisition support, business operations, requirements development and more.

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