Security and Information Assurance

Your organization’s data is of critical importance, and it must be stored safely and protected at all times. Not only is this good business practice, but it is mandated by state and federal regulations. Consumer/client/student data must be safeguarded, and this is your responsibility as the maintaining organization.

At Agile Technology Consulting, we understand just how challenging it can be to safeguard information in this day and age. Malware, hacking attempts, viruses, employee misuse/theft and many other threats can put that information in danger or compromise the security of your network as a whole. We offer cutting-edge security and information assurance solutions for today’s schools and government offices in accordance with not only industry best practices, but also all government and industry rules and regulations.

It goes deeper than just protecting the information you’ve been entrusted with, though. A breach of security can have devastating consequences for your organization’s reputation and the trust your students or taxpayers put in you.

We offer a broad range of cybersecurity and information assurance services, including optical network security, mobile device monitoring, DDoS mitigation (denial of service attack), network access control, IDS/IPS, web content filtering, VPN implementation, application enablement and malware security, and many others. We understand the importance of having robust security solutions at all times, and will work with you to create a customized solution based on industry best practices, and your organization’s specific requirements.